ING: Sustainable Business & FinancING for our future
ING: Sustainable Business & FinancING for our future

Impact Hub, Drtinova 557/10, Praha 5

8.30 - 14.00



ING, in cooperation with the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce, would like to cordially invite you to an exciting conference - Sustainable Business & FinancING for our future.
Would you like to know why Sustainable business is a better business?
Local and global Leaders from private and public spheres will bring their Sustainability knowledge and experience to the table.
Essential topics of Sustainability such as Water, Energy Transition and Circular Economy will be brought up by renowned speakers.
Attractive presentations and tangible panel discussions will provide insight into innovations, potential areas of change and collaboration across sectors.
The main language of the event will be Czech, just selected parts (Welcome Speech and Sustainable Finance presentation) will be in English.


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