WANTED: Dutch speakers in Prague who want to practice their Czech
The Dutch department of the Charles University in Prague is looking for Dutch speakers who want to practice their Czech with native speakers.
CUNI_cooperation_Dutch speakers wanted
A language exchange is organised as part of the university's Dutch course. Students are given the opportunity to speak with native speakers of Dutch, while those native speakers can practice their Czech with the Czech students. Research shows that regular contact with native speakers is very important when learning a new language.

Specifically, participation in this language exchange would mean: meeting once a week or every two weeks in an informal setting to speak one hour of Czech and one hour of Dutch. Depending on the participantsí wishes, the conversation can be free or within the boundaries of a well-defined framework or be free.

Are you interested in participating in this language exchange project? Please let us know by writing an e-mail to Twan Zegers (responsible for language acquisition education†at†the Dutch department of the Charles University): twan.zegers@ff.cuni.cz. He will gladly provide you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you!
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