Spolu 'alejí Evropy' | Samen op de ‘laan van Europa’
Spolu aleji Evropy
A joint Czech/Slovak translation of a book 'Spolu "alejí Evropy'" (Samen op de ‘laan van Europa’) made by students of The Departments of Dutch Studies at 4 Czech and Slovak universities. The book expresses a photographic project and summarizes 100 years of Dutch-Czech-Slovak relationship.
For more information, visit the webpage of The Department of Dutch Studies of the Institute of Germanic Studies at the Faculty of Arts https://ned.ff.cuni.cz/cs/2019/06/13/fotoprojekt-ke-knize-spolu-aleji-evropy/
Also, there is a small exhibition at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University, on the ocassion of introducing this book. For more information, please contact NCCC.
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