CBRE: Warhorse, one of the biggest Czech game developers, found new offices at Palmovka Open Park

Prague, 18th March 2019 — CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate, arranged a lease to a leading Czech video game developer Warhorse Studios. The company's famous Kingdom Come: Deliverance game sold over two million copies worldwide.


Warhorse will now be located at the recently finished Palmovka Open Park in Prague’s Libeň.


“It seems this year will be full of news for Warhorse. Not only do we have a new owner, but we’ll also move to a new place. We’ve chosen Palmovka Open Park because of its location. Yes, Libeň is a bit farther from Karlin, but on the other hand the offices are larger and they’ll meet our current needs better,” says Warhorse’s director Martin Frývaldský.


“Game industry clients tend to have specific requirements as for the working environment, and the equipment of their offices is usually more diverse — from relaxing zones and less-formal working spots to resting spaces or, in the case of a game developer, a filming studio,” says Klára Kabátová, Consultant Advisory & Transaction Services – Office at CBRE.


Warhorse was founded by Dan Vávra (author of Mafia and Mafia 2) and Martin Klíma (author of Dragon Nest and UFO Trilogy) in 2011.



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