ING Saving event

Saving is back and it is worth it. That was the message of ING saving journalist event taking place in the Oliver's Coffee Cup on the Wenceslas Square, Prague, on the 12th of February. ING_savigns

Radek Sedláø, Head of ING Retail Banking, presented ING Saving account and the results of ING saving survey. Jakub Seidler, the Chief Economist ING Czech Republic shared his macroeconomic expertise, namely the current economic situation in the Czech Republic, favourable for saving.

However, almost three quarters of Czech population still have their savings on current accounts, despite low interest rates on this type of account. In comparison, saving accounts, currently used by more than 40 % of Czech people offer much higher interests. For example the current ING saving campaign offers 2 % p. a. for six month for up to 300 000,- CZK newly deposited to the ING Konto every month.

Journalists also appreciated the host of the event Adéla Elbel, stand-up comedian, Dutch translator, writer and actress. Martina Viewegová, psychologist, brought alternative view on saving.

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