ING Climbing Championship
Adam Ondra
Adam Ondra

Last October weekend, it was not just a celebration of 100 years of independent Czechoslovakia all over the Czech Republic, but also a great sport event - ING Climbing Championship of the Czech Republic that took place in Prague Metropole Zličín. In Sunday's final, Adam Ondra was ranked as the men in the front row, and Iva Vejmolová excelled in the category of women. A pleasant atmosphere for climbers was created by thousands of people watching the ING Championship.

ING was the partner of the whole climbing week in Metropole, that included ING Championship but also climbing wall opened for the general public the whole week. All visitors of Metropole Zličín shopping mall noticed our orange climbing wall, branding in shopping passage and appreciated refreshment from hostesses and joy from our lion mascot.

"We were glad that we could celebrate the Czech National Day with Czech athletes at the ING Czech Championship in climbing. This sport is gaining more and more fans, and we are delighted that we have created a great atmosphere for them in Zličín, "says Veronika Němcová, Director of Communications, ING Bank.


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