Menzing, s.r.o.
 Company detail:

Menzing wants to provide its customers with a smarter, cheaper, and qualitatively better way of developing, producing and maintaining serially produced machines. For this, Menzing acts as a designer and integrator of the various suitable techniques and parts that are brought together into one product. On top of this, Menzing can think beyond borders: all techniques that have proven themselves are employed, and each contractor that has proven that it combines quality with delivery reliability, can become part of the supply chain.

Menzing is different. Consciously different. It provides an alternative for the OEM. Menzing is more sophisticated, provides quicker results, and is often in practice no less than 20% cheaper. We provide a different vision of machinery construction, that is aligned to modern times.

 Contact person:

Martijn Geerdink


+31 53 303 1200


 Industry:  Agriculture, Automotive, Cleansing, Energy
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