KLM Dutch Selfie competition: win a trip to Amsterdam!

Proud to be Dutch

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has prepared an event in support of the boundary between the company and its origin. You are warmly welcome to join KLM Dutch Selfie competition!

A giant clog – as a symbol of Netherlands – is going to be installed on two places in Prague 5 during two weeks in August.
KLM dreva key visual
From August 4-9 you may find it in front of the station “Andel” of metro B line, Prague 5
From August 10-19 it will be placed on piazzeta next to cinema CineStar in Andel district of Prague 5

Everybody is welcome to come to our giant clog and take the dutchiest selfie possible, include creativity and sense of humor to make it fun!

Upload the photo to our microsite www.klm-dutchselfie.cz and gather likes – you may win the trip to Amsterdam!

Please share it with you friends and colleagues, as the Dutchiest it is, the more fun it will be!

Leaflet in CZ 


Yours KLM Czech Republic

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