ING Bank supports Global Money Week and financial education for children and youth

“Developing financial knowledge and skills is one of our key priorities. Therefore, we decided to support this year the Global Money Week 2018, organized by Yourchance (community interest company) and EFPA Czech Republic (European Financial Planning Association). The goal of Global Money Week is to cultivate and embrace monetary awareness across generations, earning money and acting in a financially responsible manner. Our long-term goal is exactly the same, therefore, we are glad for this opportunity,” says Veronika Němcová, responsible for corporate social responsibility in ING Bank.

Children and their parents could widen their financial knowledge at the ING zone in OC Černý Most and as a reward received little gifts. Almost 93 children took part in the ING financial quiz and many of them also shared with us what they are saving for. More than 40 children and adults also filled in our financial questionnaire. Aside from financial games there was also a program for the general public during which people could see the singing performances of Sebastian, Naty Hrychová a Nela Kailová.

During the Global Money Week celebration, ING didn’t only educate children and parents in OC Černý Most. Our bank representatives also visited two schools in Prague and Čáslav with an interactive presentation for 75 children. ING regularly educates children through these interactive presentations called “Playful Finances”. 

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