Hilton Hotels In Prague Organized A Spectacular Rio Carnival Night at Hilton Themed Event For Their Clients

Hilton Hotels in Prague organized a spectacular party for their clients and business partners. The party in style of Rio Carnival took place at the Hilton Prague Congress Hall with themed decorations and projections and was attended by 500 clients.

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Sales team of Hilton Hotels in Prague welcomed guests in Brazilian carnival costumes. Guests had a lot of fun while enjoying a dance performance by almost 20 members of the hotel Business Development team, indoor fireworks, a professional dance performance by Tradición group, a drum show by Tam Tam Batucada and much more. Guests also took part in the best costume competition and participated in various additional activities in the foyer. The party was presented by Tonya Graves.

As every year, a charity raffle was part of the event with such valuable prizes as stays in Hilton Worldwide hotels including the main prize, return flight tickets to Sao Paulo for two persons donated by Turkish Airlines with a three-night stay at Hilton Sao Paolo Morumbi. The total amount collected from sales of the raffle tickets reached almost 50.000 CZK. Hilton Hotels in Prague doubled the amount to 100.000 CZK and a charity cheque was handed over to Terezie Sverdlinova, director of Tereza Maxova Foundation by Michael Specking, general manager of Hilton Prague.
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Guests sampled creative international and Brazilian delicacies presented by Hilton Prague CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie and Hilton Prague Old Town Zinc restaurants as well as selection of signature cocktails from Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge.

One of the main partners, AV Media, who has been the main audio visual technology supplier and partner of Hilton Hotels in Prague since 2004, arranged for the full technology solution of the event and introduced a few latest technology news – Robe Spiider lights and 4K Panasonic projectors.

Special thanks go to partners of the event – AV Media and Turkish Airlines being the main partner, BMS Creative, C.I.P.A., Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic, Fany Gastroservis, Ice Art, Mattoni, Mikenopa, Papei, Pepsico, Pilsner Urquell, Samsung, Smile Brothers, Wine Events, XO Foods and Znovin Znojmo.

Media can access additional information about Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town at
http://news.hilton.com/prague and http://news.hilton.com/pragueoldtown.
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