ROWE enters the Czech market
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If you are looking for a synonym of both professionalism and the number one technology company, the answer is easy: think of ROWE. For more than 60 years, the German company ROWE has been active in the development and production of large format scanners, printers, cutters and folding machines. And now Rowe is entering the Czech market, too, thanks to X-Document House Prague Group s.r.o.

Perfection requires specialization – this is both a strong belief and the philosophy of ROWE, a company supplying its products all around the world and engaged in the development and production of mutually compatible systems for scanning, printing, the layout finalization and software solutions for professional document creation.

ROWE offers compatibility, a key advantage for customers, with its own products and products of other brands.

All ROWE technologies are developed and produced exclusively in Germany, which is a guarantee of the highest quality and professionalism. The company is active in 90 countries all around the world and is finally going to enter the Czech market, too.

„We are pleased to welcome X-Document to our network of specialized dealers. This company has a great reputation in the Czech market and is an ideal partner for us since it offers great expertise in large format printing and a great customer service. We are looking forward to a long-term and successful partnership.“
Gerhard Bäcker, the ROWE Managing Director

„We are more than happy that, being its sole partner in the Czech Republic, we have the chance to introduce the traditional German producer Roth+Weber GmbH, and its brand ROWE in particular, to the Czech market. Offering expertise in the field of large format solutions, ROWE is an internationally acclaimed brand characterized by top quality and high professionalism of the services provided. We believe that ROWE will find a stable place even in the demanding Czech market."
Stanislav Záhorec, the Managing Director of X-Document
Represented by X-Document, ROWE sells and services all of its devices and also offers a short-term lease of printers, scanners and folding machines for conferences, seminars, trade fairs and other special events.

For more information about the brand and the products see

New ROWE products will also be displayed at the “Reklama Polygraf” Trade Fair (24th International Trade Fair for Advertising, Media, Printing) in Prague – Letnany, stand number A17, area 4, on 24–26 April 2017.

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