The new Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel, part of CTP Spielberk Office Centre, has been open for public

The new Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel, part of CTP Spielberk Office Centre, was officially opened in November 2016. The grand opening event took place in the mid of January.

The modern, four-star hotel in the city of Brno is situated in the vicinity of the historical centre of Brno, only 2 minutes’ drive to the major international highway, on which Brno sits midway between Prague and Vienna/Bratislava which makes the hotel a perfect location for conferences and various business meetings. “The high quality business services and great conference centre facilities of the new Courtyard by Marriott will make Brno an even more attractive high-tech business destination. I encourage all to come to visit and enjoy,” said Remon Vos, the General Director of the CTP company.

Apart from 201 luxurious rooms on 15 floors, the hotel also offers, among others, a sumptuous rooftop suite, a restaurant with a bar for 150 guests and, most importantly, 10 meeting rooms with ample natural daylight and access to the large outdoor terrace. The main conference hall boasts 360 s sqm of floor space and the capacity for 400 people. The guests can also avail themselves of the fitness centre on the top floor of the hotel.

The Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel is situated at Spielberk Office Centre, Brno’s premier business address built by CTP. Spielberk is home to over 40 international clients who employ almost 6,000 people. The total investment by CTP into Spielberk Office Centre exceeded €200 million.

Apart from the Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel, CTP has recently opened an office complex for technology giant IBM at its nearby business park Ponávka. The complex provides unique working environment - an unrivalled combination of modern architecture in connection with the congenial landscape and history.

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