Albert: The succesful project BERTÍCI is back

The favourite charity programme “Bertík pomáhá” has received registrations from 120 projects from all around the Czech Republic. The best projects supporting the education and growth of disadvantaged children and families will compete for the favour of customers in Albert hypermarkets. The majority of projects come from Prague, but there is also a significant amount coming from České Budějovice or Ostrava. Organizations behind the projects are mostly children’s homes but also various charity organizations.

Starting from the 21st September, customers will be able to vote in Albert hypermarkets for worthy projects in their neighborhoods, and the Foundation will donate a total of CZK 3.7 million to the winners. Within the campaign “Bertík pomáhá 2017”, customers will obtain one chip - Bertík - for every purchase above CZK 200. This chip can be used for voting between two regional projects in every Albert hypermarket.

Nevertheless, the Bertíci project has already helped in the past and is currently giving its customers a chance to look into the lives of children which it has helped.

Dominik’s story

BERTICI is back_Dominik

Dominik‘s dreams came true when he found a new family through the Albert Foundation. Tomáš Slavata, who organizes children’s charity triathlon races, supported by the Albert Foundation, became both a father figure and a friend to Dominik.

The 13-year- old boy had been growing up in a children’s home in Vysoká Pec. In 2010, he took part in the Albert triathlon tour and won the race! Not only did he receive a great feeling from his victory, but also the opportunity to spend one week at a training camp with Tomáš, the creator and organizer of the event. It changed his life forever. Throughout the course of the camp, Dominik and Tomáš started to spend time together and eventually became close.

By 2014, Dominik had spent Christmas with Tomáš and his family. “That year I got many presents, including Legos, a model of helicopter and running clothes and shoes, but the biggest gift for me was that I could be with Tomáš and his family,” said Dominik. Thanks to the long-lasting cooperation, this talented boy became a face of the Albert Foundation.

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