FOREWEAR has a new video
In order to describe how the FOREWEAR project works, a video depicting the whole process of cooperation with different parties came into existence at the beginning of 2016.
The video shows the clothes collection process in companies, the charity second hand Koloběh where good clothes items are sold and finance the operation costs of the second hand, it also shows the production process of sewing by seamstresses in the sheltered workshop of the Fokus Vysočina organization, as well as the final products with colorful designs.
At this moment, FOREWEAR prepares a company order of 500 hand pockets for the Municipality of Prague 4 and designs a cooperation including a clothes collection and the production of branded designed products with Samsung.
If you are also thinking of organizing an educational clothes collection in your company and want to go through the whole process with us on the path of old clothes recycling and producing smart marketing materials with a story, please contact us and we will discuss possible cooperation.
For more information see: 
Markéta Borecká,, gsm: 603 226 420
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