Zlatá Koruna: Vote for three ING products!
It's here again! Zlatá Koruna contest where the public can choose its favorite financial product is moving by banking world. ING Bank fought in the nomination round and that’s why we have three representatives of our products/services in the TOP 20!
veverka s korunkou

You can support them by your votes:  

  1. Savings Account ING Konto (2nd place in the nomination round)  
  2. ING Podílové fondy (13th place in the NR)
  3. ING Mobile and Internet Banking (14th place in the NR)

Last year ING Bank won the bronze award with ING Konto. The clear challenge is gold position for this year! Squirrel will appreciate it :-) Could we try to occupy the first three places? Come to fight together and vote for our products on this link.

The final round will finish on April 25.
Thank you for your support!
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