Tebodin: Johnson Controls' Greenfield plant in green environment

Building a greenfield production plant for plastics sounds pretty straightforward. However, Johnson Controls saw its building site in Česká Lípa,Czech Republic, swamped with water and protected species.

LEEDLogo 1Inch Grey 2014 SILVER

Johnson Controls, Inc. is an American company globally offering products and services to optimize energy and operational efficiencies of buildings, automotive batteries, electronics and interior systems for automobiles. Johnson Controls initiated this new plant to produce plastic casings for car batteries, to supply their own battery production plant nearby.

Tebodin, already contracted for EPCm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction management), suggested to perform the LEED certification process, providing the full package of certification services. The LEED certification process also helped to improve the overall sustainable footprint of the plant.

Despite the challenging location and nature protection procedures, the plant was finished on time and was issued a LEED Silver certificate in July 2015.


Complete service package

Johnson Controls' Project Manager Mr. Patrik Volný expressed that Tebodin provided them with a complete service package: “Especially in the permitting stage, where several steps were executed simultaneously, Tebodin managed issues with local authorities and ecologists in a professional and successful manner.”

Tebodin Project Manager Mr. Vlastimil Hrouda and his team managed to finish the plant on time. Vlastimil commented on the project:“There were many challenging features of the project, but we managed to solve all of them. If you want to cover an engineering challenge not only technically and financially, but also in an environmental friendly way, you need a capable multidisciplinary team and perfect coordination. The LEED process was not the first one we have provided with our Czech team, but as usual it brought new engineering insights into our work.”

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