FOREWEAR’s founder goes for the national “Sole Trader 2015”

As winter is approaching and Christmas will be here again, it is the time to evaluate the whole year 2015. What did it bring for FOREWEAR and the sheltered workshops Fokus Vysočina?


We have completed 11 company orders for bigger companies (e.g. Tchibo, Veolia, Modrá pyramida saving house, Sodexo, etc.). Each time, we organized a clothes collection in the company’s premises and involved the company’s employees. Each time, we thought hard how to express the company’s colors, logo and culture in our unique design. Each time, the needle women in Chotěboř spent hours sewing our products from recycled textile material. And we are proud of the final result.

The fact that the FOREWEAR project makes sense has been proven also by an expert committee of the competition for the national “Sole Trader 2015” which chose FOREWEAR’s founder, Markéta Borecká, as the winner in the city of Prague.

As the new year 2016 is coming and companies are turning to us to plan cooperation for the next year, if you are also thinking of organizing an educational clothes collection in your company and want to go through the whole process with us on the path of old clothes recycling and producing smart marketing materials with a story, please contact us and we will discuss possible cooperation.

For more information see:

Contact: Markéta Borecká,, gsm: 603 226 420

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