Cooperation FOREWEAR – Red Hat: recycled products with a bandit

The summer season has not been quiet and sleepy for FOREWEAR. We have been working hard on follow up company orders for our products. Which recycled products in our corporate design have we created?


We are happy to present our cooperation with the Red Hat company in Brno. The clothes collection helped the Sociální šatník charity and an animal shelter. The diaries and book covers which we produced in cooperation with sheltered workshops Fokus Vysočina then pleased Red Hat employees and partners. The black-white and red design nicely corresponded to Red Hat logo – a bandit wearing a hat.

Following another successful clothes collection, we have prepared a print design for the company GE Aviation corresponding to their Turboprop plane engine and reflecting the company’s blue and white colors. The needlewomen in Fokus Vysočina have just finished 100 recycled covers for GE Aviation diaries.


We are also pleased to introduce our cooperation with our partner organization – Borůvka Praha o.p.s. All the clothes from the company collections we organize go to Borůvka and its charity second hand Koloběh. We prepared a design for recycled products for Borůvka and this will be an additional result of our successful partnership.

As the autumn season is starting, companies are thinking of smart and inventive Christmas presents for their employees, clients and partners. It is still time to order our recycled, smartly-branded products from FOREWEAR. Do not hesitate and contact us J

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Contact: Markéta Borecká,, gsm: 603 226 420
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