ING Bank changed location of its headquarters after ten years and moved to the Harfa Office Park building

ING Bank is working in new premises from November 18th. After more than ten years ING Bank left Prague, Anděl and moved into the dynamically developing area Harfa Office Park, Prague, Vysočany, next to O2 Arena. The bank occupies top three floors of a new office building with a total area of 3,600 m². There is situated not only the ING Bank headquarters but the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce and the long term partner Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem as well.

"For more than ten years we have witnessed the rebirth and revitalization of Smíchov, formerly industrial, in an attractive and one of the busiest locations in Prague," says Jaroslav Vittek, Country Manager of ING Bank Czech Republic, adding: "We believe in the potential of the new area in Prague 9, which is dynamically growing and already offers number of opportunities for business and private activities as well. We also believe that we are making a step in the right direction. Adequate capacity and quality background of a modern Harfa Office Park building will undoubtedly support the further development of our company and allows us to meet the needs of our clients."

“We are proud to welcome ING Bank in the Harfa Office Park and believe that the corporate façade branding, will endeavor our A-class building with a special charm,” declared Tamir Winterstein, CEO of Lighthouse Group, continuing: “ING Bank, with its requirements and standards assures us that the Harfa Office Park can serve even the most demanding tenants, while simultaneously confirming our development strategy.”

The box office for corporate clients also moved to these new premises at Prague 9, Ceskomoravska 2420/15. The opening hours remain unchanged and are available on working days from 9 to 15 hours. Telephones and email contacts remain unchanged as well.

Contact points for personal clients remain unchanged. Clients can continue to use the services of ING Financial Centre in Plzeňská street, Prague 5 or any of the current ING Kiosks in shopping centres (address list on and free of charge client line 800 159 159.

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