EY Czech Republic’s Special Team of 20 Professionals Advises US Banks
EY Czech Republic prides itself on the unique initiative of which it is a part and which supports US banks in developing and validating quantitative models of financial risks. Following two years of effective collaboration with our practice in the United States, this year saw a specialized Quantitative Hub emerge in the Czech Republic, comprising twenty professionals both local and from across the region; the team will aim to contribute to providing quantitative services for globally active US banks. Its agenda – and already an enormous scope of work lying ahead – includes, inter alia, development of various capital adequacy and stress testing models, rating models and pricing models for a wide range of financial instruments.

“The Quantitative Hub, having been established under the patronage of EY Czech Republic, is a tribute to the high-quality advice we deliver each and every day to our financial services clients. It proves the high level of Czech and European educational systems in the economic and mathematical fields as well. As for our people, the Quantitative Hub provides them with an exceptional opportunity to peek under the hood of some of the largest banks in the world whilst drawing on the expertise of multinational teams. Many banks from Central and Eastern Europe are turning to us for their quantitative modeling needs and I believe that the experience we gather in the United States will further enhance the quality of our service portfolio. We are proud to be the clients’ choice for advice in a growing number of countries and thus expect the local team to expand in the near term” said EY’s Pavel Riegger, Partner, Head of Financial Services Advisory in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

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