KPMG Czech Republic joins the 71 percent of companies worldwide issuing CSR reports

By issuing its Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2013, the professional services firm KPMG Czech Republic joins the companies regularly publishing information about their CSR activities. According to the KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013, the number of companies worldwide that do so has reached 71 percent. 

KPMG Czech Republic’s report titled Our path to sustainability introduces the firm’s approach and summarises the results of its efforts in 2013. The firm’s CSR activities start with evaluating the major effects of its business activities on the community and the environment. Realised projects are aimed at balancing these: the firm helps professionalization of non-profit organisations by providing its know-how, supports ethics and transparency in business and pays attention to employee care.


In 2013, KPMG Czech Republic:

  • trained over 100 non-profit sector representatives in the areas of its expertise
  • provided 2,026 hours of professional work on a pro bono basis (for free or for a reduced price) and 99 hours of non-profit sector training
  • supported the non-profit sector with CZK 7,689,322 (the sum includes pro bono services, employee volunteering and training of non-profit organisations, and financial donations)
  • enabled its employees to spend a total of 1,704 working hours volunteering
  • distributed CZK 1,974,652 among socially beneficial projects
  • reduced the carbon footprint per employee by 12 percent since 2012. 
The firm bases its CSR report on the international methodology for sustainability reporting GRI G4 – Core. It also actively supports – through educational and advisory activities – the intention of GRI G4 to help other companies create reports containing all that is important in terms of their stakeholders’ interests and the impact on their business activities. Under the European Commission’s Directive on Disclosure of Non-Financial and Diversity Information, CSR reporting will become mandatory for all large EU companies – and KPMG can help them create reports conforming to the required criteria.
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