Give New Life to Old Clothes
Do you own clothes or shoes, which you don't wear any more? Take them to your office and support the Salvation Army!
The Salvation Army has been helping people in social difficulties for over 150 years, worldwide. With branches in 10 major cities across the Czech Republic, it offers support to the homeless people, single mothers, elderly and friendless and others in need. Passionately believing that no one is beyond hope, the Salvation Army keeps extending its activities.
ReShare is a new project, whose main purpose is to collect old clothes, sort it, and distribute it through the Salvation Army centers to people who are in an urgent need. The remaining clothes will be sold to the public and the profit used to support other Salvation Army activities. ReShare does not only bring clothes to the disadvantaged but also creates new work opportunities for them and help them to find their way back into the society. Last but not least, ReShare helps to improve the environment.
The project started in Ostrava, where 28 collection bins has been placed. More collection bins are to appear in Prague and other cities in the nearest future. ReShare has a great potential for social activities support and fundraising of the Salvation Army.
Announce a ‘Week of Old Clothes and Shoes Collection’ at your firm. Save the donations in one place. Wait for the Salvation Army representative to come and pick it up.
As the saying goes, clothes that you haven’t worn for more than one year you will never wear again. Do a spring wardrobe cleanup, create space for new pieces and donate your old ones to those who really need it and will be utterly grateful for it. Make a firm competition: the one who will bring the most pieces will be awarded the ‘King/Queen of ReShare’ title. The more clothes and shoes, the greater help!

It takes little to feel good.

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