EMONEY GROUP entered through acquisition Central & Eastern Europe
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EMONEY GROUP, a company based in The Netherlands, took over activities of the Prague based company HAGUESS, with a portfolio related to city-cards projects in the Czech Republic including the Prague OPENCARD scheme. EMONEY GROUP is an international player in the field of digital ecosystems multi-application solutions and operations among micropayments, transport systems, municipal and other services. The backbone of EMONEY GROUP is a strong international team of experienced professionals, specialized in building solutions that bring together international know-how and local suppliers.
Central & Eastern European markets have considerable potential. Innovative solutions in micropayment systems, transport applications and municipal services are on a very high level in the Czech Republic and people in this area are creative and breakthrough ideas. Combining these with the global expertise the people in our group can offer, will result in the implementation of a number of interesting projects in the Czech Republic," commented Christian Senly, Chief Technology Officer of EMONEY GROUP.
The acquisition enables EMONEY GROUP to set up a client services base for expansion within the region on the one hand and to have a technology center for building own technologies and products on the other.
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