Organizational changes in Tebodin Czech Republic and Slovakia

As of 1 March, 2013, Mr. Jaromír Kříž is appointed Area Director Central Europe, along with his actual function of Country Director Czech Republic and Slovakia.

His job will include coordinating activities in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania with the future possibility to include also Poland.

We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Tomáš Adler, before Office Director Ostrava, is now appointed Office Director Prague as per 1 January, 2013.

As per the same date, Mr. Tomáš Tucauer, before Project Manager in the Process Plant Engineering division, is now appointed Office Director Ostrava.

Both gentlemen will report to Mr. Jaromír Kříž, Managing Director Czech Republic.

The Pardubice and Bratislava offices remain with their current Office Directors, Mr. Pavel Celunda and Mr. Marián Kusý, respectively.

We wish all gentlemen a lot of success in their new positions. 

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