Company detail:
ING Bank Czech Republic - ING Bank is part of ING, a global financial institution of Dutch origin.

ING Bank history in the Czech Republic goes back to 1992, when as one of the first leading international banks ING entered the market and has built a strong position in commercial banking. ING Commercial Banking meets all of the banking needs of corporations and large multinationals, as well as financial institutions by offering a full range of banking products and services. Its customers include a wide range of prominent Czech and international companies.
ING Bank’s first deposit product, saving account ING Konto, was introduced in 2001. It established the category of saving accounts in the Czech Republic. One year later ING Retail Bank expanded to the mutual funds retail market and significantly spread its ING Funds offer, which is still one of the widest in our market. The objective of ING Retail Bank is offering financial products and services according to expectations of our clients.
As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, ING Bank supports local projects in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Tereza Maxova Foundation for children. In 2005 the special ING Bank Fund of Tereza Maxova Foundation was created on the basis of a general partnership between the Foundation and ING Bank. The goal of the fund is to help disadvantaged children growing up in orphanages or in foster care with grants to support education and talent development. The support is awarded by a special grant commission.
 Contact person:  
 Telephone:  +420 257 474 111
 Industry:  Finance
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