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How to Ignite Your Team?

How to Ignite Your Team?

Impact Hub Praha, Drtinova 557/10, P5

17.30 - 19.00

Does it sound familiar? The completion date of your project is approaching. Some critical tasks are still outstanding. Unforeseen issues are cropping up. Escalation mode and firefighting are kicking in. Management intervention is adding additional pressure to the situation. You realize that you are fully dependant on your team to get things solved. But can you rely on them? Are they engaged enough? Will they make the extra effort necessary?
The answers to these questions depend largely on your own behaviour and whether you have successfully managed to establish an interpersonal environment in which people feel a sense of trust and being cared for.
Learn how emotional and social skills help you make your team your most reliable project companion and a guarantor for success.


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How to Ignite Your Team?



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