CRC meeting

CRC meeting

Kavárna Creperie Nový Smíchov, OC Nový Smíchov, Plzeňská 8, P5

9.00 - 10.30

Thank you for taking an active part in the meeting of the Corporate Responsibility Club (CRC). The objective of the meeting was to discuss how to revive the activities of this platform to make it meaningful and inspiring for you.

5 main conclusions from the CRC meeting:

  1. Sharing experience and best practices as the main objective of CRC is still attractive, but has been exploited due to limited number of companies active within CRC.
  2. CRC should mediate best practices from the Netherlands, not restricted to sustainability/CSR topics.
  3. CRC should cooperate with a partner CSR organization in the Netherlands which will help bring interesting speakers from the Netherlands, as well as with respected Czech CSR organizations.
  4. There is a large number of topics/needs desired among CRC members => NCCC should identify key areas of interest, in cooperation with the Embassy.
  5. NCCC members should share their expertise/experience to add value to other members – e.g. Philips: How to benefit more from the office space (20 June, 2016).
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