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CSR principles – Best practices – Volunteering

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The Corporate Responsibility Club (CRC) provides an exchange platform for the NCCC members to share their experience and best practices on sustainability topics, while influencing the field of corporate responsibility in the Czech Republic in a positive way. The CRC was established in October 2010, in cooperation with TNT Express.

Strategic objectives of the CRC

1. Sharing and promotion of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles in the business environment of the Czech Republic
  • "CSR in action" annual conference

Open to public. The idea is making use of experience and present best practices of member Dutch / international companies to their Czech counterparts.

2. Sharing experience and best practices in the field of sustainability among the NCCC members
  • “Afternoon Teas”

Regular thematic meetings of the NCCC members. At each meeting, one of the members gives a short presentation on an interesting topic from the field of corporate responsibility. Check the recent/upcoming Afternoon Tea meetings.

3. Development of company volunteering & expert volunteering
  • CRC Volunteering Days

One-day event for employees of the NCCC member companies and their contacts. The purpose is to provide physical help to a selected NGO, to strengthen cooperation among members, and to share a good feeling from doing a useful thing.
  • Expert volunteering
Since 2013, CRC has been focusing on expert volunteering. Volunteers from NCCC member companies provide free consulting to NCCC member NGOs in fields like communication, marketing, HR. The feedback is very positive both from the consultants, as well as from the recipient NGOs.
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