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Huisman Konstrukce, s.r.o.

 Company detail:
Your partner in contract manufacturing
If you need a reliable and flexible partner to help you to produce complex or heavy equipment, a prototype or small series we can be of service.
We are at our best when:
  • The equipment consists of a combination of steelworks with either hydraulic and/or electrical systems;
  • Fabricated in high tensile strength steel up to S960-grade;
  • The (highest) certification and classification is needed;
  • It involves exceptional tooling, for instance 3D cutting, 3D welding and machining.
We build components, such as tensioners, adjusters, traction and storage winches, manipulators a variety of lifting tolls and other critical components such as large hydraulic cylinders and load cells. 
 Contact person:

Pavla Šivicová


00420-558 885 190


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