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Good Breakfast at »SOB!

In the early hours of Thursday morning on the 29th of May was the first annual charity event called ďGood NewsĒ at the Headquarter of »SOB.

The aim of this project was to inform employees about annual cooperation of »SOB and Wild Geese Foundation, the only foundation in the Czech Republic which rewards applicants for their own activity. Employees of »SOB bought breakfast packages and thereby contributed the project of the non-profit organization Green Doors that obtained for the raised amount (i.e. 20 100 CZK) to purchase training cafťs coin counter and an ice maker.

Big thanks goes to business company Albert which was involved in this event and helped to fill the healthy breakfast food boxes and added some healthy recipes to it as bonus.

Would you like to try similar project with Wild Geese Foundation too? Please contact PavlŪna TomŠökovŠ†for more information (, tel.†+420 608 114 345).

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Wild Geese Foundation
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