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Gijs M. Boot appointed the Honorary Consul for Botswana in the Czech Republic

Gijs Boot
Ir. Gijs M. Boot, member of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce since 1994 (CEO Private Equity and Real Estate Investments), was nominated by the Botswana Government and confirmed by the Czech Government as the .
The Republic is a Southern landlocked African country bordered by the Republic of South Africa in the south, Namibia in the west, Zambia in the north and Zimbabwe in the northeast. Since its independence in 1966 from Britain, at that time the poorest part of the British Empire, its GDP grew 200 times and reaches presently the level of i.e. Turkey. The country has developed a strong democracy and has the lowest level of corruption in Africa (equal to i.e. Portugal and Turkey). The country has its fourth president since 1966 (Ian Khama, son of the first president Seretse Khama). It is one of the richest African countries.
The economy is dominated presently by the diamond industry and the government is working on a reconversion program in order to have the diamond industry within some 20 years being replaced by many industries (including services and tourism). Relations with foreign companies are welcomed. From its center location Botswana services Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Namibia, in total ca. 121 million inhabitants. Botswana (ca. 70% are the Kalahari Desert) is 7,3x the size of the Czech Republic and has ca. 2 million inhabitants.
Gijs Boot welcomes all to contact him that may have an interest to explore a business relation with Botswana.
Gijs Boot
GSM: + 420 737 238 268
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