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FOREWEAR successfully cooperates with different companies. Try it with us, too!


The socially beneficial project FOREWEAR in cooperation with sheltered workshops Fokus Vysočina and Borůvka Praha o.p.s. recycles old clothes in a meaningful way. The result is ecological products such as diaries, tablet covers, mobile phone covers and book covers which companies use as presents for employees, partners or as smart marketing materials. What is special about the products for companies is that they have a strong story: Usually, a clothes collection is first organized in the companies whose employees actively participate and this starts the whole cycle of old clothes.

On top of that, the FOREWEAR team then produces tailor-made print design according to the company colors and corporate identity materials. The already successfully completed company orders include cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, T-mobile, Envirocont, ČEPS and AXA Assistance. Another order for Modrá pyramida is being processed and the FOREWEAR team is designing cooperation with Veolia.

The turn of the year has been quite busy and it resulted into another successful cooperation, this time with Tchibo. In September 2014, we organized an educative clothes collection in Tchibo as a part of the Green Week initiative, sorted the clothes in Koloběh (a small shop of Borůvka Praha o.p.s.), donated a part of the clothes to Boromejky sisters, had the rest processed into the new recycled textile material and then new products sewed in the sheltered workshop Fokus Vysočina.

We produced 200 book covers with a made-to-fit design reflecting Tchibo’s colors dark blue and yellow. The very nice way to thank the employees who took part in saving resources during the Green Week initiative is a present in the form of 100 book covers with yet another design corresponding to the Green Week colors. These book covers as a result represent an exemplary cooperation with companies which FOREWEAR aims at initiating.


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Contact: Markéta Borecká,, gsm: +420 603 226 420

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