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EMONEY GROUP B.V. social event at the Netherlands Embassy in Prague

The International Company EMONEY GROUP B.V., in cooperation with the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce, hosted a social event on the occasion of Prague's decision to transform the Opencard Citycard Program program into a dedicated organization founded by municipality – Operator Opencard(OOC). The meeting of the Prague City-Hall leaders, representatives of the Operator Opencard and senior management of EMONEY GROUP B.V. focused on discussing examples of good practice in smart programs in the world and of current trends as well as future opportunities and challenges in this field.

Christian Senly, a guru in the areas of city, transportation and micropayment smart-cards systems, with more than 20 years of experience and personal involvement in the building of smart-card programs in Hong Kong, Taipei, Netherlands and others was one of the speakers at the event.

EMONEY GROUP B.V. presented the problems which some international smart-card projects have faced and parties discussed the current needs of the Opencard project in Prague so that it can become a successful, smart program. Despite the popular criticism, Opencard is one of the largest citycard projects in the Central and Eastern Europe. Prague leaders declared an imperative to draw a line behind the past of Opencard and start to build an effective future primarily for the benefit of the users of Opencard and Prague citizens.


EMONEY GROUP – Innovator for smart programs in transport & municipal services

EMONEY GROUP is an international company, focused to design, build and operate innovative digital ecosystems in transportation, municipal services and cashless payments. The team of professionals has extensive experience in building and running such businesses based on smartcards & mobile technologies in transportation, micro-payments, and municipal services.

EMONEY GROUP brings together the best-of-breed models and components in the world of micropayments, ticketing, smartcards and automated fare collection. Using proven methods and technologies to effectively combine global experiences with a thorough understanding of local needs and opportunities. The company works intensively with local industries like equipment manufacturers, load network
operations, retailers, etc.

EMONEY’s core business areas are smart-card and mobile solutions for municipalities, regional governments, transport and retail businesses; covering mainly ticketing, micro-payment, e-ID, and e-Vouchers applications.

EMONEY’s approach is focus to build a value for program owners as well as it’s users, and connecting the needs of all stakeholders, including the scheme owners, transportation companies, load network operators, as well as citizens.

The company has its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, with activities around the globe, currently with projects in Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe as well as South East Asia.

EMONEY GROUP experts have played key roles in building the biggest public transport smart card programs, for example the Dutch OV-Chipkaart program, Octopus Card in HongKong, EasyCard in Taipei and other similar programs.

EMONEY GROUP also participates in standardization activities and is member of several organizations active in ticketing and micropayments standardizations, like the OSPT Alliance, Open Ticketing Institute and others.





Christian Senly at his presentation
Kateřina Šišková, Councellor to the Deputy Mayor of  Prague, and Jiří Vávra, 1st Deputy Mayor of Prague
From left: Christoffer Jonker, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom  of the Netherlands and Jitze Jongsma, Chief Financial Officer, EMONEY GROUP
From left: Jiří Pařízek, Councilor, Capital City of Prague, Chairman of the  Supervisory Board, OOC and Jan Vašíček, Member of the Supervisory  Board, Capital City of Prague, Member of Supervisory Board, OOC
Petr Stránský, CEO, EMONEY GROUP at his welcome speech
 From left: Ing. Petr Kubernát, Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and former  Ambassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Eduard W. V. M. Hoeks, Ambassador of the Netherlands,  Jop Fellinger, General Counsel, EMONEY GROUP, and Petr Stránský, CEO, EMONEY GROUP
From left: H.E. Eduard W. V. M. Hoeks, Ambassador of the Netherlands  and Jitze Jongsma, Chief Financial Officer, EMONEY GROUP
H.E. Eduard W. V. M. Hoeks, Ambassador of the Netherlands
From left: Ondřej Košťál, Member of the Board, OOC  and Petr Vychodil, Chairman of the Board, OOC
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