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Edenred is global No.1 in payment solutions for employee benefits

Edenred is known as the world’s largest provider of prepaid employee benefits. This is clearly demonstrated by the global figures: its solutions are used by 47 million employees in 830,000 private businesses and public institutions. They can enjoy their benefits in 1.7 million affiliated establishments in 45 countries across the world.

Edenred has been undergoing radical transformation over the last few years and months, placing an increasing emphasis on the latest digital benefit solutions as the global leader in innovation. Last year, Edenred processed a total of 2.5 billion digital payment transactions with a total amount in excess of EUR 28 billion.

The trend is clearly illustrated by the developments on the Czech market: Edenred is the only local company offering payments for meals and leisure benefits using the most advanced tools. It enables payments using the Ticket Restaurant Cards and Edenred Benefits Cards as well as mobile handsets. The option of paying for meals and benefits using handsets running the Android operating system has been available to their owners since last year, and Edenred was the first to launch iPhone payments this February.

“The constantly growing number of customers using our solutions is our best motivation for improving our services. That innovations are a move in the right direction was clearly shown a few days ago. Soon after we had offered payments via Apple Pay in addition to Google Pay, more than two-thirds of the Ticket Restaurant Card holders owning an iPhone migrated to the solution,” says Nicolas Eich, CEO of Edenred.

In terms of Edenred’s overall service offer, one cornerstone is employee benefits with a focus on employee meals during working days and leisure activities across the widest range of options for using them, from sports and cultural events to travel and education. The second cornerstone is professional services that offer companies comprehensive care for their car fleets using fuel cards and other related services. The third part of the offer is complementary solutions, including corporate payment services (virtual payment cards, identified wire transfers and supplier payments), incentives & rewards (gift cards and platforms, and incentive programmes), and public social programmes.

Edenred has been operating in the Czech Republic for 25 years and its services are used by more than 23,500 companies and public institutions with a total of 600,000 everyday users. Edenred cards and vouchers can be used across a network of 57,000 affiliate establishments all over the Czech Republic.

Edenred has also been involved in corporate social responsibility activities for a long time. Covering 10 European countries, its most extensive initiative is FOOD, which encourages healthy and balanced employee diet on working days. In the Czech Republic, the programme is focused on expanding the range of wholesome and balanced meals offered in restaurants. The initiative has resulted in the formation of a network of FOOD outlets that offer working people an alternative to everyday meals. Edenred followed up on the programme with its Firm on a Plate, focusing on instructing the employees on how to eat healthily and exercise throughout the day and assisting them in changing set behaviour patterns.



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