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Do you want to speak (improve) Dutch?

Foreign Language

For the beginning of 2015 the language school Slůně – svět jazyků  in Prague offers specialised courses focused on Dutch and the Netherlands:

1/ Dutch Intensive: 10 intensive lessons. The aim is either to learn the basics or upgrade what you have picked up from your Dutch partners or colleagues.

2/ Dutch semester: A course for those who want to focus on Dutch for the whole term (February – June).

3/ Dutch Intensive Premium: 20 intensive lessons tailored to the needs of a particular student or group. Includes a lesson on culture, art and habits – ideal for an informed small talk with your boss or partners!

4/ Small DutchTalk: Food, architecture, art, history – 10 lessons for those who want to learn about the Netherlands in Dutch. Shared knowledge connects people.


All classes are interactive, fresh and use modern teaching methods.


For more information please contact: Tereza KUČEROVÁ, tel. 605 281 553, or visit the webpage

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