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DRFG will build a tailor-made production facility in Týniště for a Japanese producer of catalytic converters.

Cataler, a Japanese producer of catalytic converters, is heading to the Czech Republic.

DRFG will build a tailor-made production facility in Týniště.

The representatives of the DRFG Investment Group and Cataler attended a symbolic foundation stone tapping ceremony in Týniště nad Orlicí at the occasion of commencement of construction of a new production facility. The Japanese producer of catalytic converters will open its first production facility in Europe in this location. A tailor-made production hall will be built by the DRFG, a Czech Investment Group. The premises totalling to 22,000 m² will be taken over by Cataler in January 2020.08-DRFG_CATALER_Tyniste.n.O-CZ_2019-03-22_047


The production facility is being built by the Real Estate Section of the DRFG Investment Group. Predominantly it is focused on investments in the existing properties, however thanks to a strong technological and financial background the Group is also active in the area of property development. “We are delighted that a part of the DRFG Real Estate investment capital also goes into these more complex development projects with higher added value. It does not mean the Group has changed its strategy, but rather complemented it,“ says Patrik Tuza, Executive Director of DRFG Real Estate Section.

Not only is the DRFG Real Estate an investor but also a future owner of the building and adjacent land that Cataler will have in a long-term lease. The investment will be around 200 million Czech crowns, and more than a hundred people will work on the construction site during the year, including about ten subcontractors. A comprehensive real estate advisory service was provided by Savills. Construction supervision will be carried out by A PLUS of the DRFG Group.


Contstruction time frame

The construction was commenced towards the end of March, cladding and roof will be finished by the end of August. In September, Cataler should start with the installation of technologies and preparation for future production. Final approval inspection is planned in spring 2020. The production should commence in 2020. “Cataler will definitely offer interesting jobs to local people, as the production itself is also interesting,“ says the Mayor of Týniště nad Orlicí, Libor Koldinský. The company will offer highly qualified and skilled jobs in the environment conforming to the Industry 4.0 definition, in modern design premises.


Cataler Corporation

Cataler Corporation develops and produces catalytic converters for automotive industry, motorcycles, conventional combustion engines and fuel cell electrodes. The company has a 50-year long history, owns seven production facilities on three continents – in Asia, North America and Africa – and a total of more than 2,000 employees. Annual global sales exceed 36 billion Czech Crowns. The parent company is based in Japan, in Shizuoka prefecture, which is well-known for Mount Fuji.


“The decision to build a new facility in Europe is a key step for us to support our customers, European car manufacturers. We will build a stable production facility with a high degree of production automation, and above all with a strong team of people who will flexibly respond to customer requirements while maintain a maximum level of environmental safety and security,“ says Hiroaki Sunakawa, President of Cataler Corporation.




About DRFG

DRFG is an investment group incorporated in Brno by David Rusňák in 2011. It follows an investment philosophy based on prioritizing the investments in the sectors that the Group understands well, in locations that are culturally and geographically close to the Group, and in projects where it can win a significant decision-making share. The DRFG focuses primarily on real estate, telecommunication and financial services investments. The DRFG Group also actively supports cultural, social and sports projects. For instance, it is a general partner of Kometa Brno, and administers the DRFG Foundation. More at


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