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Albert donated 100 thousand crowns to food banks

Albert support food banks
Albert stores donated a gift of 100,000 crowns to food banks. The donated amount will support the logistics of donated fresh food and its distribution to the needy. "The financial gift has contributed significantly to the purchase of a commercial vehicle with a cooling mechanism that we will use for the delivery of fresh food," explained the head of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, Veronika Láchová, when she took over the cheque from Albert’s representative in Prague's Archdiocesan charity.
"The donation of unsold food to people in need is a very important extension for us in the social field. Support of communities and socially endangered children is one of the long-term activities of the Albert Foundation. It supports orphanages and other non-profit organizations, for example, through the Bertik Helps program or Christmas Fairs," concluded Jiří Mareček, Director of Communications of Albert.
Albert stores have donated unsold food for six years to food banks in all regions of the country. According to the data of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, Albert's stores in the third quarter of this year donated more than half a million portions of food, representing 258 tons of donated unsold food. Albert is one of the three largest donors on the Czech market.
In addition to regular food donations, Albert's stores also took part in the National Food Collection every November. Thanks to the generosity of customers, this year, nearly 34 tons of food and drugstore were donated to the people in need.
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