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The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors announces the start of a selection process for a vacant position of an Executive Director.

Job Description

The Executive Director of the Netherlands Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is a key representative and advocate for businesses and employers in the Dutch Czech business community in the Czech Republic.

The executive Director reports to the Board of Directors of the NCCC. His or her office is at the Netherlands consulate on Gotthardská 6/27 in Prague 6.

The duties of the Executive Director can be divided in three main areas: membership relations and services, community ties, and advocacy.

Responsibilities of the Executive Director include:

  • leadership of all office staff and management of daily chamber operations
  • development and implementation of all policies, goals and activities
  • NCCC financial management including the creation and implementation of approved annual budget
  • chamber administration including compliance with any public or contractual obligations
  • management of all membership relations, services and, communication  
  • new members acquisition and maintenance of the member database
  • tight and frequent contact with members, knowing their preferences and reason to be member of the chamber
  • organization of events to strengthen community ties
  • creating a strong platform to maintain a proactive chamber
  • acting as an advocate for members, understanding business environment and helping members to communicate proposals for changes on various platforms
  • acting as spokesperson and liaison for the Chamber of Commerce in all interactions with other stakeholders or organizations and individuals
  • periodic reporting to the Board of Directors as well as to members on the chamber development, implementation and accomplishments of all activities.
  • the execution of all activities associated with the Chamber of Commerce including Board of Directors meetings, scheduling, staffing and material support  for all events
  • administration of all NCCC activities, including reviews and evaluations

Job Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree e.g. in business or marketing.
  • Mature and experienced, with at least 8 years working experience.
  • Experience in strategic planning, budgets and finance.
  • Excellent command of English both spoken and written. Knowledge of Dutch and/or Czech is a strong advantage.

Selection process timing

Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter detailing their motivation for the position and expectations by e-mail to the president of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce at Applicants can contact mr. Iványi with questions about the position at telephone number 737 20 44 55.

The job applicant shall in his/her incentive letter express the agreement that the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce with its legal address at Českomoravská 2420/15, Praha 9, Czech Republic may process his/her private personal data in its role as a potential employer i.e. filing, editing, sorting and providing CV and private personal data to members of the nominated selection panel, consisting of Board of Directors members in accordance with Czech legislative Act number 101/2000 Sb. "O ochraně osobních údajů".

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce declares that the personal data of applicants will be used solely for the selection process and will not be made available to any third party. After the selection process is completed, all data will be destroyed in an appropriate way.


In Prague, March 4th, 2019

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