Discover the real tastes and flavours of Indonesia in the Garuda restaurant
Come and relax in the pleasant atmosphere of Garuda Restaurant & Café in Prague's Holešovice. Taste a traditional indonesian specialities prepared by our indonesian Master Chef Faarudin Wau. Explore the whole space of restaurant including our caffe and the lounge & chillout zone.
chill out


We are happy to inform you about some hot news in our menu. We created a new home-made drinks such as passion fruit, organic lavender, strawberry, raspberry or pineapple & mint lemonades.

The cone-shaped Tumpeng is a mystic symbol of life and the side dishes and vegetables represent harmony of nature. Indonesians serve tumpeng as a dish to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday party, family or neighborhood gathering, farewell party, celebrations, recitals, and many other joyous events.

Garuda restaurant
Nové drinky
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