Run for a good cause with the Salvation Army in 2016

This year, 526 satisfied runners ran in order to support the Salvation Army. They contributed 405,400 CZK (15,000 EUR) to the organization’s charitable funds – for example, it helped to provide a quality-equipped kitchen for the men and women of the “Bohuslava Bureše” Social Services Centre in Prague.  Follow their lead and run for a good cause with the non-profit Salvation Army next year! Registration for RunCzech Running League 2016 is now open. Choose your race, distance and beautiful city – Prague, Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice, Olomouc or Ústí nad Labem. Discover new places and help people who really need it. Even a little money can help a lot of people. With just 300 CZK (11 EUR), we can cook 10 hot meals. With 600 CZK (22 EUR), we can provide a place for 10 people to sleep. 
The Salvation Army provides basic help to those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances associated with losing their home. The Czech organization focuses on the following four areas:

  1. a youth center,
  2. care for senior citizens,
  3. asylum homes and dormitories for single mothers and children, men and women, and
  4. a prison service.

Clients in the asylum homes are also involved in the races as volunteers and support the runners in Salvation Army T-shirts.

Would you like to run with our runner community and add another dimension to your race? For more information, contact Karolína Kratochvílová and book your numbers at this email address:

You can help by running long-distance. Thank you for running with us.

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